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Lost & Found Items

Welcome to our interactive area to post lost & found items. You can now post lost or found items any time, any day, without logging in or going to the message boards. Postings will show immediately, with dates and times included. Make sure to include contact information--phone or email.

This is for lost and found items only.

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Park ridge
11/29/2018 8:42 PM ETZ
" Forgot contact info for car seats 509-710-3981 "

11/29/2018 8:41 PM ETZ
" Car seat, fell off back of truck. Gray and pink. Not sure where from park ridge down eagle ridge "

Robert Holliday
9/30/2018 9:26 PM ETZ
" Black & silver tool book full of tools. It fell out of the back of my truck on 9-10-18 Monday. I lost it somewhere on S Partridge drive between the park and W.Eagle ridge Blvd I was heading from the park to W Eagle Ridge blvd. If any one has found it please contact me at 509-220-9493 Thank you very much. Robert Holliday 5307 S Osprey heights ct Spokane, wa99224 509-220-9493 "

Collin 503-421-9616
Whispering Pines Park
4/1/2018 10:40 PM ETZ
" Baseball mitt on 28 Mar 18. "