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Posted on Feb 1st, 2021

Because of dangerous road conditions, a coalition of homeowner associations including Qualchan Hills, Overlook at Qualchan, and Talon Ridge has been formed in order to object to future housing developments in our area until the State Dept. of Transportation (DOT) and the City of Spokane have agreed on methods of addressing these road conditions. DOT is trying to do their part by declaring a moratorium on development along the 195 corridor until the City comes to the table. They have gone as far as giving the 195 and Meadowlane Rd. intersection an “F” rating due to the potential for serious accidents. They are also very concerned about the merging dangers from 195 onto I-90. Despite their concerns, the City does not yet seem to be on board.
According to a recent Spokesman-Review article, there are developments in some stage of planning totaling 700 homes along the corridor, all within City limits. One of these developments, the first phase of which totals 160 homes, would be built between Qualchan Hills and Eagle Ridge with one entrance from Overlook at Qualchan and two others coming through Talon Ridge and Eagle Ridge. The latter two would feed traffic onto Eagle Ridge Blvd. and then onto the “F” rated intersection at 195 and Meadowlane Rd. further endangering residents using these roads.
We are not against development, we are just trying to get the City to hold off on approving any new developments until they can work out a plan with the DOT to make our access to and from our neighborhoods safer. As part of this effort, we are asking for your involvement. Our goal is to build strength in numbers, the more homeowners involved, the more effective we can be in working with the appropriate agencies. If you are willing to help us, please provide your contact information to Bob McVicars, email; or phone; (509) 710-9521. Please indicate in your response if we can use your name or would prefer to be counted only as an “Eagle Ridge Homeowner.”
Thank you for your help!
Comment By: Lee Poquette
Posted on Feb 4, 2021

Here is an upcoming Developer Meeting Scheduled:
Tangle Ridge Public Hearing.
The City of Spokane is holding a virtual public hearing on Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 9:00 am regarding the Tangle Ridge Preliminary Long Plat - See Our ER Message Board/General for links about the property.

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