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Traffic Plan for Marshall Rd Transmission Main Construction
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2024

Traffic Plan for Eagle Ridge residents HERE.
The project is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Phase 1 will construct a 30-inch water transmission main to increase water transmission capacity from the existing 30-inch water main on Thorpe Rd. southward, running parallel to US Highway 195 to the existing Qualchan reservoir. Construction is projected to begin soon, starting from Thorpe Road and extending to Marshall Road, approximately 1 mile. This phase will involve a full closure of Thorpe Road for an estimated six weeks, starting on or about April 22.
Phase 2: Phase 2 will construct a 30-inch water transmission main and provide water and sewer service to some parcels on Cheney-Spokane Road. Construction is estimated to begin on or about April 1, 2024, along Cheney-Spokane Road from the Hwy 195 interchange to Latah Bistro. Access to businesses from the north via the Cheney-Spokane Road US-195 exit will be maintained. One lane of traffic in each direction will remain open throughout this phase.
Phase 3: Phase 3 will construct a 30-inch water transmission main beginning at the end of the Marshall Road Transmission Main Phase 2 on Cheney Spokane Road (at the end of Phase 2, 44th Avenue Extended) and extending to Qualchan Reservoir. Phase 3 will also be installing 18" and 20" sewer mains, as well as 8" and 18" siphon sewers to connect the existing sewer trunk in Hwy 195 to the intersection of Cheney-Spokane Road and Cedar Road. Construction is estimated to begin on or about June 11, 2024, on Cheney-Spokane Road from Latah Bistro south to approximately Cedar Road. This phase will include a complete closure of Cheney-Spokane Road through the end of October.
All phases are expected to be completed within a five-month timeframe. However, the timelines are estimates and subject to change due to unforeseen obstacles during construction.
Please note that all schedules are approximate and dependent on weather and unforeseen delays. Contractors are required to provide two business days’ notice to affected homeowners or businesses if their property will be directly impacted by the work.
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