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Burning Issues - Indoor/Outdoor Fires in Eagle Ridge
Posted on Jun 11th, 2024 Comments (0)
The clean air agency does have a burn restriction status indicator web page you can visit to see if there are any current restrictions in place. Additionally, burn bans can be instituted by the WA state DNR (DNR burn restriction web page and map) or Spokane County Fire Marshal. When in doubt, call the below hotline numbers or visit the webpages to find out if a burn ban is in effect before you commence a burn.
Outdoor Burning Rules for Spokane County (WA State DNR)
Burn Ban Hotlines:
Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency Burn Ban Status Line - 509-477-4710
WA State Burn Ban Status Line - 1-800-323-BURN
Hope that info helps!
Traffic Plan for Marshall Rd Transmission Main Construction
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2024 Comments (0)
Project Description

Three projects are underway to enhance water and sewer infrastructure in the Cheney-Spokane Road and Marshall Road area, aiming to improve water transmission capacity and provide service to local parcels.
The projects involve the installation of water and sewer infrastructure along Cheney-Spokane Road and Marshall Road, with the goal of increasing water transmission capacity and providing service to parcels in the area.
See also the Traffic Plan for Phase 3:
FAQ - Questions and Answers about the construction can be found in this downloadable City PDF file.