Raptor Peak Update
In early 2022 a group of Eagle Ridge resident volunteers gathered to generate ideas for improvements to the Raptor Peak Park area.  On May 9, 2022 the Raptor Peak community volunteers submitted a proposal to the Eagle Ridge HOA Board of Directors.   Subsequently, the volunteers were asked by the board to solicit construction bids for the project from prospective third party contractors.  Once estimates are received, the board will make a final decision on the project.  The presentation from the Raptor Peak volunteers can be found HERE.
Architectural Control Committee
  By way of a reminder, if you are planning a new roof, home paint job, or any exterior remodels, such as sheds, hot tubs, solar panels, or gazebos, they all require approval from this committee. The www.eagleridgelife.com website contains an Architectural Change Form. FORM LINK
Please fill out and submit or reach out to the ACC with questions about your specific home project.
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