Payments and Dues

ANNOUNCING: Portal AutoPay on We're excited to announce the online payment via the Portal, including FREE recurring ACH! Please refer to these  AutoPay Instructions for help with creating a free, recurring ACH (autopay) via the Owner Access Portal. If you have not registered for the Portal, please request an invite. 
Eagle Ridge assessments are levied quarterly (Jan 1, April 1, July 1 & Oct 1) in the amount $142.50. Assessments are due on the 1st and must be received in our office by the last day of the month. For example, the January 1st assessment must be received by January 31st or it’s considered late. Typically, late fees are levied on the first of the month following the assessment due date. 
Homeowners that cannot meet their assessment obligation are urged to contact our office so that suitable payment arrangements can be made. 
You’re welcome to pay in advance. Homeowners may pay up to one year in advance by multiplying the assessment amount by the frequency of assessments in the calendar year. The 2024 quarterly assessment is $142.50, which means the total due for the year is $570.00.  
(1) Online payments are available via the HOA’s website. To pay online, please visit
  Online bill pay through your financial institution. We gladly take payment via your financial institution’s auto bill pay. Please be sure your HOA account number is listed in the memo section of each payment. The payment recipient (payee) is Eagle Ridge and the payment address and related contact information is listed at the top of this page.

(2) Coupon books are distributed the first week of January. If you have not received a coupon book by 1/11/24, please contact RPM for a replacement. Coupon books are not required for payment remittance, they’re simply a tool provided as a courtesy by your HOA. 
To remit payment without a coupon book, please follow these instructions:
 Check by mail or personal delivery. Be sure that your HOA account number is listed on each payment. Checks/money orders should be made payable to Eagle Ridge and mailed or otherwise delivered in care of Rockwood Property Management. To ensure proper posting, please put your HOA account number on every payment. Payments may be delivered to our front desk during normal business hours or deposited after hours into the green collection box at the east entrance to the building.
 Contact RPM if you don’t know your HOA account number. RPM’s contact is located on the Home Page. Please contact us for your account number or to assist with any of the information listed herein.